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Our Work

Ciprus Consulting is a leading provider of IT solutions and strategic consulting to non-profit organizations. We are the answer to your IT needs focused on the business processes of our customers. We have extensive experience over more than 30 years in the information security, software and information systems administration market. We offer integral solutions through a world-class quality service characterized by three dimensions: technical knowledge, immediacy in response and customer service. We have been operating in San Diego, CA to guarantee our customers a targeted, innovative and punctual service.


Our persistent growth and success have been built on providing a truly peerless service, delivered by a highly professional and dedicated team of consultants and engineers.


We keep our customers’ IT networks running through our proactive maintenance service and provide them with cost-effective and efficient IT solution services in no time. Ciprus Consulting works hard to be a trusted companion to our customers.




Ciprus Consulting was founded to become your strategic ally through the consultancy and implementation of Integral Information Technology Solutions to increase the productivity of your company. We offer a wide portfolio that includes the best technologies in the field of Information Technology. We handle solutions and services of great scalability which allows us to cover different sectors of the market; we adapt the  technologies and concentrate on detecting their needs and thus being able to offer them the best solutions. At Ciprus Consulting we always think first from the client's perspective, interpreting their problems, and then from our vision and experience to develop action plans and / or responses that really meet their needs. 


Why choose us?


We ensure that non-profit organizations receive the right level of IT support and ongoing network development. Our IT approaches provide the best in class solutions that allow the NPO to run more efficiently.


  • We work with non-profit organizations to implement improvements i.e. enhancing IT system efficiency and consistency.


  • Our team of engineers and consultants take time to understand the business, make a detailed report with summery. Our consultants highlight the weakness and strengths of organizations’ IT setup, along with our recommendations.


  • We offer 24/7 support and monitor systems around the clock. Our proactive maintenance services stop prospective problems from affecting the operations of organizations.





We focus on delivering IT solutions to the non-profit organizations and the business community. Our mission is to help them with their IT needs while enhancing their operational efficiency to better focus on their business goals.



Make Ciprus Consulting a leading company in San Deigo, CA, offering its clients services in Information Technology and systems infrastructure tailored to their needs.


Our Values:


Competence: We have demonstrated to be able to translate our technical knowledge into behaviors such as diagnosis, relationship, problem-solving, decision-making, communication, adaptation, a spirit of initiative, flexibility and vision, 'Together.


Innovation: our "innovative" spirit, previous professional training and our curiosity are the essential stimulus to know and have the latest technological and scientific innovations necessary to face new challenges or make "old" solutions, more efficient.


Commitment: To maximize our capabilities and professionalism to carry out everything that has been entrusted to us, being aware that all services are performed according to the client's request, achieving their satisfaction.



To managed IT services or discuss IT support for your organization, Give us a Call Today!

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