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IT Services

Ciprus Consulting; Giving Mission-Focused Organizations Premium IT Consulting Services. 

The world is fast paced, and so are technological inventions. In truth, the best things happen at the touch of a button. In line with that, as a non-profit organization, productivity is largely dependent on information technology. So, if you are looking for a way to strengthen your IT infrastructure in your organization, right here at Ciprus Consulting, we have you covered a hundred percent. We make it possible for you to maximize your work and boost your organizations capacity. What's more, we gain satisfaction by being dedicated full service IT Consultants, and we are consistently available round the clock in order to give you adequate support. 

Why We Are Your Best Bet For IT Consultancy. 

Wondering why you should engage us? Here's why. Providing non-profit organizations like yourself with outsourced assistance has always been our pride and expertise. Furthermore, we not only provide organizations with needed IT support, we also work within budgets, and we are guaranteed to get the job done in the shortest possible time. That's money and time saved! 

Going on, we assist our clients to increase their productivity, and boost efficiency by integrating sophisticated software that will be of assistance to their core business. 
Also, we ensure that we provide our clients with premium standard customer care, and we have a devoted team that goes the extra mile to ensure that your organization achieves its set targets at every level of operation. 

What Then Are The Services That We Offer? 

While we offer a lot of services, below we have highlighted a few of our IT consultancy services. 

    •    Security and Risk Assessment.
    •    Contract negotiations.
    •    CTO / CIO Services.
    •    eRate and California Tele connect Fund Assistance (CTF)
    •    HIPAA Compliance Support.  
    •    IT Assessment. 
    •    Office365™ Support.
    •    Network Security Services. 
    •    Cloud Assessment. 
    •    Project Management. 
    •    Disaster Recovery Planning. 
    •    Server Maintenance and Installation.
    •    System Backup and Recovery Report. 
    •    Marketing and Communications. 
    •    Website Design and Maintenance
    •    Social Media Strategy. 

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