Cirpus Consulting: Elevating Partnership through Dedication and Excellence

I frequently forget that the Cirpus team members are not ECS employees because they are committed to our mission and embedded in our culture and day-to-day operations. One day members of our ECS team were helping with a food distribution to people impacted by flooding, and Ciprus was by our side, packing bags of food. It is a natural and seamless relationship. The level of expertise is incomparable, and the quality of service – fast, friendly, accommodating – sets Cirpus apart. I very much appreciate the care and ease with which Ciprus team members explain things to my colleagues and me, from high level matters of security to simple issues of connectivity. I see such pride in and enthusiasm for their work. Ciprus is one of the best partners I have worked with in my career.

Elizabeth Fitzsimons Chief Executive Officer
Episcopal Community Services

Ciprus Consulting Earns Glowing Recommendation as Ideal MSP for Nonprofit Organizations

We hold Ciprus Consulting in high regard as a trusted partner dedicated to helping us fulfill our mission as a nonprofit organization. Their deep understanding of our needs, commitment to excellence, and proactive approach make them the ideal MSP for any nonprofit looking to enhance its IT infrastructure and capabilities. Without hesitation, I offer my unquestionable recommendation of Ciprus Consulting to a nonprofit organization seeking a reliable, knowledgeable, and supportive MSP partner. Their partnership has been instrumental in our success, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the years to come.

Marie McKenzie Executive Vice President/COO
Volunteers of America Southwest

Exceptional Rapid Responsiveness: Ciprus Consulting Elevates Operations as a Valued Extension of Your Team

One of the standout attributes of Ciprus Consulting is its rapid responsiveness. In an environment where even the slightest downtime can impact our initiatives, their team has consistently ensured that issues were addressed promptly and effectively, no matter how big or small. Their expertise has allowed us to leverage technology in ways we hadn't thought possible, making our operations smoother and more cohesive. More importantly, their genuine commitment to our mission has made them feel like an extension of our team.

Melissa Malone-Montgomery Chief Operating Officer
Options for All

Ciprus Consulting's Key Role in Enhancing IT Infrastructure for Agency-Wide Improvements. A Trusted Partner in Navigating HIPAA Compliance Challenges

Ciprus Consulting has been an invaluable partner in helping us navigate the complex landscape of HIPAA compliance. They have consistently demonstrated their expertise in annual HIPAA audits and provided valuable improvement recommendations. Their thoroughness and attention to detail in ensuring our organization's compliance with HIPAA regulations have been exemplary.

In addition to their compliance expertise, Ciprus Consulting has also played a pivotal role in our IT infrastructure enhancements. They provided exceptional project management and support for implementing new network hardware across the agency. Their proactive approach, technical proficiency, and project management skills ensured a smooth transition and successful implementation of these critical upgrades.

Ciprus Consulting has proven to be a reliable and valuable partner in our pursuit of compliance and technological advancement. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with them in the future.

Don Blake Director of Information Technology
McAlister Institute

Exceptional IT Partnership: Ciprus Consulting's Commitment to Customer Service Sets Them Apart

Ciprus Consulting has deeply understood our IT infrastructure and business needs. Their proactive approach during onboarding and managing our IT systems has minimized downtime and improved efficiency. Their expertise has been critical in helping us understand and navigate complex technological challenges that we had been experiencing before switching to their services and providing practical solutions promptly from the start of implementation.

What we have discovered in our experience with Ciprus Consulting thus far as to what sets them apart is their commitment to customer service. They are courteous, accessible, responsive, and thorough to meet our IT needs. Their team of professionals is not only technically adept but also excellent and thorough communicators, making it easy for our staff to interact and collaborate effectively.

Danielle Rush Human Resources Manager
Escondido Community Child Development Center Inc.

A Team of Excellence: Outstanding Service and Dedication

I wish I could give Nimer and his team twenty stars! Everyone is so incredibly knowledgeable, and it is clear that they love their job and love their clients. They go above and beyond to find the best prices and resources for the organization. They are conscientious about FRPA and HIPPA and empathetic with inexperienced users. Nimer, Gregory, and Joseph are responsive, patient, and kind to all users. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Shannon Brandner, MA, Ed. School Principal
Ballington Academy

Ciprus Consulting: Empowering Schools and Non-Profits with Exceptional IT Solutions and Services

Ciprus Consulting is the best you will get for everything you could possible need when you are looking for anything IT related.
They will go above and beyond anything you could ever expect!

When pivoting to 100% distance learning, they are here for us. They are on-site for distribution of devices to students/families, and they are available outside of office hours (even weekends!) for pressing concerns. Especially Gregory is immediately on it for any questions or concerns that might arise as they arise, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

If you are running or working for a non-profit and you need an IT solution that will make your job easier (or even possible!), the best gift you can give yourself is Ciprus Consulting. Especially if you need help with sensitive client content, like minors and/or HIPAA regulations.

Kristy H. San Bernardino